At KosterDesign I offer UX/UI, web design, graphic design, and creative consulting services.

A combination of twenty years of experience, network of developers and freelancers, competitive rates, perfectionism, technical background, and reliability guarantee a deadline-oriented high quality work.

To get the job done quickly and professionally I can always rely on my friends.

They are seasoned professionals with good attitude and perfect sense of humor, loving to experiment and find new approaches, just like me. 

Freelancing is not an easy bread, and helping each other out lets us stay afloat and gain more valuable experience together.

The average time the user spends on a website is 15 seconds.


Is your website user friendly to such a degree, that your users will want to stay longer, engage in conversation, and bring you new business?


Let's make the experience of visiting your website so pleasureable to your users, that they will want to stay here and camp overnight.

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Glenview, IL

St. Andrew's Church. Kyiv, Ukraine

Watercolor, paper