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If your small business was affected by the lockdown...


If your small business doesn't have a website...


If you need to get ready for the (upcoming) better times...


KosterDesign will create and publish a website for your small business – for FREE!

Hello and welcome to KosterDesign, a sole design and consulting proprietorship that offers a full range of creative services:

  • User experience

  • Web design

  • Testing and evaluation

  • Branding

  • Stationary

  • Direct mail

  • Marketing 

  • Advertising

  • Promo materials

  • Packaging

  • Textile graphics

  • Signage

  • Billboard design

  • Brochures

  • Flyers

  • Anything else you might need


Shop locally.

Sell locally.

Design locally!

Every business needs a cool website. Each and every one. Every business needs marketing materials: advertising, brochures, flyers, cards, banners, etc., etc.
Promote your business, get new clients, receive high ratings, enjoy timely support, save time and money.

KosterDesign offers a free website design and launching for small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The "Design and publish your website for FREE" offer means that the client will receive up to 4 working hours (equivalent up to $300) spent on creating, designing, and publishing a new website for their small business. Any extra fees, hosting/domain charges, special apps and features will the client's responsibility.

The new website will be designed and launched using WIX website building platform.

The "Design and publish your website for FREE" offer includes: 

- Setting up a free WIX account for the client

- Creating and designing a simple (up to 4 pages) informational website that includes: business name, logo, contact information, contact form, location, business hours, business description, social media links, photos.

- The free website offer odes not include e-commerce options/features. E-commerce features can be added to the website for a fee.

- The free website does not include setting online appointments, classes, quotes, etc. These options can be aded for a fee.

- A free website will have the WIX domain name. The upgrade to have a unique domain name and/or other WIX features is up to the client and can be added for a fee.

The client is to provide the copy and images for the website. Any image editing, copywriting, custom graphic design, 


  • 35% OFF





A basic website, acts primarily as an online brochure, establishing a necessary presence online to answer your customers’ questions “do you exist?”, “are you professional?” and “what do you do?”

A basic website can be created in the $2,000 – $5,000 range.

AT 35% OFF

NOW FROM $1,000



Full color marketing materials ready for printing, necessary for promoting your business, getting new clients, making local crowd aware of your services. 

These include leaflets, flyers, custom packaging, stationary, mailing materials, and more.

Base rate $90/hr.

AT 35% OFF,





Unique brand identity creates a priceless first impression.

It tells your clients a lot about you and your business: your style, attention to details, creativity, flexibility, and more!

Branding and rebranding for small business or startup ranges from $1,000 up to $15,000 and more.

AT 35% OFF,



Bonus: Search Engine Optimization and Web Presence Setup

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is sometimes overlooked, but absolutely necessary element for a business web presence. 

Get yourself found on Google, target advertise your services locally, get rated and referred to potential clients.

Create your website with us, and get an SEO for free*

*Up to 4 work hours, when you engage at a contract for at least 8 work hours with us. Includes registering your new website with Google Maps, selecting unique searchable keywords, connecting every page of your website to Google search, and designing Google AdWords (Google fees apply).

Cell 847-830-4269

Glenview, IL