Material Things in a Material World

Have you ever noticed, there is a whole world outside of virtual reality?


Paper advertising, packaging, apparel, invitations, cards, flyers, etc., etc.

We know all the secrets of making a successful printed project in CMYK or Black-and-White.


A t-shirt design concept refers to Allstate's "good hands" logo. T-shirts were presented to employees as a reward.
True Believers
An exclusive t-shirt design for Australian soccer fans going to Brazil for the World Cup in 2014. Design is inspired by the FIFA World Cup logo, it is self-proclaiming and recognizable from the distance, but the copyright was never violated.
Oilfield Trash
The design will be made into objects to give away on the oil rig location. These guys are a tough bunch and are typically called 'roughneck'.
Hyson Tea
Packaging for Hyson's new line of herbal teas
Packaging design for a cell phone / tablet case features clear windows and product logo
Ted's Coffee
Coffee Cart wrapping features original design concept
Grossinger Toyota
A forty-page brochure is describing in detail the necessary care procedures for every given mileage
Grossinger Auto Plex
This complex document is used by mechanics during the certification process of a pre-driven vehicle. It is tightly packed with information and forms to fill, yet has a clean and friendly feel. A mechanic, who is more used to hold a wrench than a pen, can easily fill it up without looking twice to find his next point.
Cassidy Tire
Compact and colorful, the Cassidy Tire brochure is full of useful information
Cassidy Tire
The background collage is put together using different images of tires and clock faces in blending and overlaying layers
Primo Granito
A trifold promo brosure
Printed leaflet for an architectural company Airoom
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