Yana Koster

Founder, Designer, Content Editor,

Project Manager

Founder, owner, project manager, consultant, coffee maker, and everything else at KosterDesign, I focus on UX/UI, web design, graphic design, and creative consulting.

A combination of twenty years of experience, network of developers and freelancers, competitive rates, perfectionism, technical background, and reliability guarantee a deadline-oriented high quality work.


A Team of Collaborators, a Company of Friends

When I need help, I turn to my close friends and fellow designers to get the job done quickly and professionally. They are seasoned professionals with good attitude and perfect sense of humor, loving to experiment and find new approaches, just like me.


Please meet my freelance helping hands and great people Vlad and Anna:

Vlad Kleiman

Freelance Designer


Anna Shifrina

Freelance Animator, Photographer

Cell 847-830-4269


Glenview, IL