The KosterDesign Design

Our design goals are simplicity and individuality with atomic principles design approach. Usually we start by combining all ideas and inspiration in a bunch of graphic sketches and wireframes. Then we make digital prototypes, balancing colors and elements of the entire project. After that initial harvesting, all we need to do is remove the unnecessary elements, keeping just the essential few.

Because less is more.



In-kind donation to a nonprofit organization: 

Complete creative support of Children's Educational Center Campanella: website redesign, posters, concert programs, online class registration, performance visual support, technical support, marketing, advertising, and more.

Live website:


Web design, copywriting, SEO, production, and maintenance of the website

Website design, copywriting, SEO, production, and maintenance of the website.

Live website:

Complete design solution for Pora Bags: logo, web design, product catalog, e-commerse, stationary.

Live website:

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